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Four Steps to Improving and Future-proofing Family Foundation Governance

A paper drawing from the experiences of family foundations in Aotearoa New Zealand and overseas

In June 2018, the Hugh Green Foundation commissioned Kate Frykberg from Think Tank Consulting to

research how to improve and future-proof family foundation governance.

The key questions explored were:

a) What does a good family philanthropy board look like?

b) What is the best way to find and select great trustees?

c) How do we get the best from trustees?

The process involved interviews with the chairs or CEs of seven NZ family foundations of varying sizes,

reviews of international research, and interviews with two international family philanthropy experts,

Australia’s Genevieve Timmons and USA’s Mae Hong.

The Hugh Green Foundation generously agreed to make the key findings of this research publicly available, and this paper is the fruit of that generosity.

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