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Giving Meaning to Money: Jason Franklin

On a recent Perpetual-supported speaking tour of Australia, US philanthropy expert, Jason Franklin, shared his personal and professional insights into the changing worlds of philanthropy, not-for-profits and civil society in general.


Jason has a deep interest in family philanthropy, not only the practical level of how it works and how to make it more effective, but also of the emotional issues it sometimes creates.

Family debates about how much to give, and who to, can be emotional because they get people talking about the things that really matter to them. Yet Jason believes the great benefit of family giving is exactly that. It gets people talking about their values and enriching the money they’ve made or inherited with new meaning.


Jason is also an adviser to not-for-profit organisations and much of his advice is about the skill sets needed to underpin success – technology, data, follow-up and the professionalisation of fundraising. But he’s also an advocate for the perpetually important art – “You need to remind the donor: Here’s what we’re doing in an area you care about,” he says.

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