Transparency Guidelines

Published by Philanthropy New Zealand, Dec 2017

In philanthropy and grantmaking, being transparent simply means being open and honest about what we do and how we work so we can clearly show how we are serving the public good.

To assist funders in New Zealand to improve transparency, Philanthropy New Zealand is pleased to introduce the Transparency Guidelines. They build on the work by Kate Frykberg (Thinktank Charitable Trust), Lani Evans (Vodafone NZ Foundation) and the workshop with Katy Love (Wikimedia) at the Philanthropy Summit 2017, as well as the excellent resources offered by the Glasspockets initiative of the Foundation Center, USA.

These guidelines offer an internationally consistent benchmark for best practice in ensuring grantmaking is accountable and transparent to our communities.

Philanthropy New Zealand Transparency Guidelines (Printable PDF)

Transparency Guidelines self-assessment tool (Printable PDF)

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