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Thriving in the New Work Order

Published by The Foundation for Young Australians. August 2015, Australia. 33 pages.

In the past, building a successful career required young people to learn core technical skills for an occupation, and gradually broaden their skills and experience over time. Today automation and globalisation have led to a loud and compelling narrative about the future of work, and career paths appear more complication.

New Work Order research shows that while some occupations will no doubt decline or emerge as technology advances, too much of the focus has been on which jobs will disappear and which will remain. The truth is, automation is going to impact what we do in ever job, in every occupation. This report makes a unique contribution to the discussion on the future of work by predicting how the everyday activities that Australians do in more than 20 billion hours of work each year will change by 2030. Some of this shift is already underway.

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