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Te Ao Māori: Trends and Insights

Published by: Chapman Tripp. March 2018, NZ. 24 pages.

Māori organisations are embarking on initiatives to deliver more meaningful outcomes for the majority of their members. Technology, young people, wāhine, wellbeing and enterprise are at the centre of these. Transparency and responsible investment, operations and distribution are standard expectations.

Genuine collaboration with one another, and those who share the same vision for Aotearoa New Zealand will recognise that, over the long-term, these organisations will primarily be facilitators rather than providers.

This publication provides a platform for discussion – how some Iwi and Māori organisations will provide for their people in 2018 and beyond – and outlines some tangible benefits for whānau members. The trends identified by Chapman Tripp in this publication, and their insights into Te Ao Māori, help ground social practices in culturally relevant ways.

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